Gender Respect Project 2013-2016

Aiming to help children and young people to understand, question and challenge gender inequality and violence.

Maureen (project teacher – secondary)

At seven years old, Maureen  wanted to join the convent and become a nun. She became obsessed with collecting money for ‘mission babies’ and wanted to name them Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Maureen no longer wants to become a nun or buy babies but has used her upbringing to serve the community through teaching.As a product of single sex education and a single parent family, she was surrounded by strong female role models. One role model inspired a love of literature which propelled her career to teach English in America and in England.

In her most recent school, Maureen moved from teaching English to becoming a Curriculum Leader of RE. The career move enabled her to challenge social issues actively through the development of an engaging curriculum which is designed to empower young adults. It was in the building of an innovative RE within the school where she discovered P4C as a crucial tool in the success of the subject as well a platform for students to participate in discussion of  global issues.

Maureen’s love of P4C and a passion for challenging social issues led her to join the Gender Respect Project. She is currently working with Y7 students to raise career aspirations in girls as well as create awareness of gender issues and work together to find solutions in overcoming gender inequality.
When not leading a RE department which was described by Ofsted as ‘wildly exciting’, Maureen McDevitt is a single parent to amazing young woman. Maureen is slightly obsessed with Morrissey, all things Bronte and her hometown of Philadelphia, PA.
To read Maureen’s blog, click HERE.

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