Gender Respect Project 2013-2016

Aiming to help children and young people to understand, question and challenge gender inequality and violence.

Kathryn (project teacher – primary)

Kathryn’s favourite colour is blue. She dislikes all things pink and ‘girly’. Why is pink associated with ‘girly’? Why do girls and boys feel pressured into dressing and acting a certain way? Why do people get teased for being ‘different to the norm’? These questions and more led Kathryn to join the Gender Respect Project.

From a young age she has been involved with social justice and campaigning, predominantly with church. However, it was whilst volunteering overseas in the Philippines that she began to notice how people had specific gender roles and began to question this. The women did the cooking, the cleaning, looking after the children, and the men were the fishermen, the tricycad drivers or the priests. This got her thinking.

Kathryn is a teacher in an affluent area of Sheffield, where the majority of pupils are of White British heritage and very few speak English as an additional language. The school has a strong emphasis on community cohesion and global citizenship.


To read Kathryn’s blog, click HERE.

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