Gender Respect Project 2013-2016

Aiming to help children and young people to understand, question and challenge gender inequality and violence.

Reflection on The Chat – spring 2015 and planning for autumn term 2015

Evaluation – last session this term

  • Redo initial evaluation BUT the group membership changed quite a bit over the sessions.
  • Ask: What have you got out of this group?

Has anything surprised you?

Were the views of the opposite sex what you expected?

Did you find anything about this group, or the topics, difficult to talk about?

What would improve the group?

Did you get to speak when you wanted to?

  • Use continuum lines to assess how they felt about the group

What structure for next term?

  • Friday lunchtimes
  • Would like to work with older age – logistics difficult
  • Could we use older students as leaders? – probably not logistically
  • Would like a longer session – after school discussed but logistics difficult as any time
  • Would like to be more group led – less dependent on adults
  • Can we prevent the group membership changing so much throughout the term?
  • Do we want to develop resources, or our skills at running the group? Would the resources end up just being like PSHE stuff?
  • Promise a certificate? – Some have asked for this. Should we offer it or stress other group benefits?
  • How to promote group talk rather than addressing Carol?
  • Carol to reflect on past sessions, re-read notes – did she need to respond as much as she did?
  • Use question prompts or sentence starters to promote responses to each other
  • Speaker chooses next
  • Some members this term said very little, how do we address this? We have tried to develop a place where it feels safe to talk. Do they all feel they can?
  • How do we get a global perspective?
  • Which matters most – what they talk about or that they talk?
  • How do we get a more equal girl/boy mix?

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