Gender Respect Project 2013-2016

Aiming to help children and young people to understand, question and challenge gender inequality and violence.

Carol (project teacher – secondary)

Carol is a part-time teacher of physics/science in a secondary school in Sheffield and founder/director of sex & relationships education provider “theCHAT”.  She has previous work experience in civil engineering.
Carol has a keen interest in empowering young people and overcoming inequalities.  She believes opportunities and choices should be kept open for all genders, and that concerted efforts need to be made to offset the influence of media stereotyping and objectification.
Sexual abuse, exploitation, violence and harassment are an ever growing issue and of grave concern.  Better quality PSHE and relationship education around basic respect and consent between the sexes are of particular interest to Carol.  The impact of the easy access of pornography for children through mobile devices is another field of interest.
She is a strong advocate of collaborative educational methods and has recently trained in and begun delivering sessions using Philosophy for Children (P4C).
Within the Gender Respect Project she hopes to pilot weekly mixed gender lunchtime ‘talking groups’ with KS3 & KS4 groups.  The aim will be to explore outcomes and benefits of regular facilitated conversation within a static mixed sexed group over a 5 week period. Topics to be decided democratically by the group.


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